Auto Diagnostics


Auto Diagnostics

Our mechanic shop offers full diagnostic services to identify and assess any vehicle issues. Onsite our team of maintenance professionals use the latest tools and technology to accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle in a timely manner.

Using the latest tools allows us to diagnose and repair vehicles more quickly and accurately, which saves time and money. Our team is kept up to date with the most current diagnostic technology, ensuring that our solution is always tailored to the specific needs of your car.

To give an accurate diagnosis of your vehicles issues, we use either a manual or an electronic system. With the manual system, our mechanics takes the car through a series of diagnostic checks and tests to discover the cause of the problem. Such tests check the performance of the engine, brakes, suspension, and transmission, as well as any faults in the electrical components.

The electronic system combines a network of computers in the mechanic shop that are hooked up to the vehicles onboard computer. All the data collected by the vehicles computer is sent directly to our mechanics, enabling them to accurately diagnose and repair the issue.

Our mechanic shop also has a variety of scan tools, including our AllSystems Visual Scanner which quickly and accurately diagnoses any problems with just a few simple steps. This tool includes a live data stream and OBDII code reader, allowing the technician to read any confusion codes that might come up. Our Autel Maxisys scanner is the latest tool in our diagnostic arsenal, allowing our technicians to view the entire vehicle computer system without even having to open up the hood. We also use a variety of make specific dealership software to ensure accurate diagnosis and repair.

No matter which tool we use, our mechanics are confident that they can accurately diagnose and solve any issues your vehicle may have. Our diagnostic services save time and money by quickly identifying the exact root of the problem, so that the necessary repairs can be done quickly and efficiently.

At Auto Plus, we take great pride in providing you with reliable and efficient diagnostic services. With our team of experienced mechanics and the latest tools, we can easily diagnose and solve any issues with your vehicle.

Get your vehicle diagnosed right the first time around and save money on maintenance and repair:

  • Expert Diagnostic Tools: Our mechanic shop has the latest in diagnostic tools that allow accurate diagnosis of your vehicle the first time. By using the latest diagnostic tools, we can quickly and accurately pinpoint the cause of any issues with your vehicle, allowing for a more efficient repair process and ultimately saving you time and money.
  • Qualified and Skilled Mechanics: Our mechanics are professionally trained and certified to make sure they have the expertise and tools needed to accurately diagnose your vehicle. Our mechanics are dedicated to providing the highest standards of work so you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in the best possible hands.
  • Cost Savings: Accurate diagnosis of your vehicle the first time around not only saves time, but also money. By using the latest diagnostic tools, our mechanics are able to accurately identify the cause of the problem and offer the best possible solution, resulting in less expensive repairs.
  • Quality Workmanship: At our mechanic shop, we only use the highest quality parts and materials, ensuring that youre only getting the best workmanship. As a result, you can enjoy more reliable and longerlasting service from your vehicle.
  • Professional and Responsive Service: At our mechanic shop, customer service is our highest priority. Our mechanics are always available to answer your questions and respond to your inquiries in a timely manner. We strive to provide you with the best customer service experience possible, so you can always count on us for prompt and professional service.

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